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We Try, We Learn, and We Try Harder

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This last election we saw a surge of people exercising their voice through the vote! As a democrat, I could not be more pleased to see people engaging with the political process. In Yakima County we shifted from red to BLUE! In other areas, some very far-right candidates were elected. Congressional District 4 needs leadership that listens and represents that vast spectrum.

I hold the role of Representative to the highest standard. When elected I will be the voice for all in Congressional District 4 and close this division. We are more alike than different and together we can accomplish great things.

I will not neglect the fundamental needs of CD4: water, immigration, and infrastructure. I will build the economy by bringing in better paying jobs and diversifying the tax base. With greater revenue and security we can address the issues of violence, healthcare, climate change, housing, and so much more.

My Thoughts

Action versus Antics

Our current representative, Dan Newhouse, unapologetically shows how little regard he has for his district and this country. When we were desperate for help to bring in crops, he was doing photo ops at the border and shouting how immigrants were destroying this country.

While we are trying to find a way beyond COVID-19, Newhouse is using Hanford workers as pawns to gain media attention by promising a bill to allow natural immunity as an opt out for vaccinations. It is shameful that he preys on the hope of good people with a bill that does not stand a chance, rather than supporting actual research and a nonpartisan path forward. Science should not be political, yet he continues to make it so.

The power and privilege afforded to Dan Newhouse should not be used to further burden our government and flame dangerous rhetoric. The people of Central Washington need helpful actions, not hurtful antics.


Out and About

Tieton put on a lavish event for Dia De Los Muertos. I was fortunate to have

the newly elected Tieton City Council Member Nancy Newberry show me around. The event followed COVID protocols and had a vaccination stand where I was able to get my booster. The displays and entertainment truly did this community proud. Diversity and love were everywhere.

We all hope COVID will be behind us soon so we can start celebrating our wonderful communities again.

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