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Central Washington's Economic Boom!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Photo by: Julie Calhoun Marhre, Yakima is beautiful Facebook page

We Own Our Future

Central Washington's Economy is poised to Boom! With the correct elected leaders, we can immediately start to strengthen our economy and provide the infrastructure to build new opportunities. The future is very bright!

Water Shortage no more. The risk we face year after year can be eliminated with plans in place that take advantage of technology and research and money on its way through the Infrastructure Bill. The holdup has always been that our representative has never made water a priority for CD4. The time is now to secure our water for massive future growth.

Transportation is about to get a lot better including new industry and good paying jobs. The infrastructure bill, which recoups billions of tax dollars we have already paid and brings them back home, will start releasing those funds to improve roads, bridges, broadband, and rail. Broadband is sorely needed in rural Central Washington to make education accessible and equitable, modernize farming, and better prepare us for new industries.

Those funds are vital to ensure we can rebuild our rail system, replace crumbling bridges, and make rural highways safer for passenger and commercial vehicles. The needs of our community should be paramount to decisions made by our representative. Yet, he voted against keeping our tax dollars at home where they will do us the most good. That has got to change.

Renewable Energy can be the fastest growth industry in Central Washington. These are mostly privately funded and are compatible with agriculture (agrivoltaics). Money available in the Infrastructure Bill will go directly to rebuilding our power grid to hold the increase in energy production. More jobs, diversify our tax base, and remain the Nation’s leader in renewable energy—what a great plan.

We in Central Washington have always had the capability to own our future, but our representative(s) have done nothing to support our efforts, letting our tax dollars leave the state and asking nothing in return. This will change. Investing in ourselves pays big rewards because we work hard and get things done. I cannot wait to get to work creating a bright and prosperous future for everyone in Central Washington.

My Thoughts

Christmas Cards

I believe in traditions, even if they are ones you start yourself. For as long as I can remember I have sent holiday cards. I have friends of many faiths and it brings me joy to send a small note on a brightly decorated card during this season of reflection. I, like many others, do not get to see everyone I know and care about during the year, but I do not want them completely absent from my life.

Covid has made this clearer to me and my list has grown. I enjoy selecting the cards, writing them by hand, affixing the stamp, and taking them to the post office.

It is such a satisfying ritual that ensures that for at least a brief moment, my thoughts on that one person or family are only on them. I buy a selection of different style cards so I can choose a special one just for them and while my hand cramps from the unfamiliarity of writing, a smile is usually always on my face. Savor your traditions, start new ones, and bring others into your heart. Happy Holidays

Out and About

Small Business Saturday followed Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Despite Covid and the increase in online purchasing, persons who shopped Saturday was up from the year before. Almost 40% of shoppers are buying local this holiday season. Shopping local is more than just finding the more interesting gift, it is supporting your community, your neighbors, encouraging new business and competition, strengthening your community’s economy, and providing a safer and healthier place to live.

My Small Business Saturday took me to a number of places. I visited Tieton, Naches, Yakima, Granger, and Zillah. I did not expect crowds in most of these smaller towns, but I did meet shop owners who all said that business was looking up and they were optimistic. Central Washington is strong and getting stronger. Let’s keep that momentum rolling—Small Business Every Day!

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