Hi. I’m Doug White, and I’m running for Washington State’s 4th Congressional District. 

I’m from a 4th-generation farming family. My great grandparents were hop farmers and railroad workers. My grandparents were fruit and cattle ranchers. We were a very typical Central Washington family, but we’ve always rebelled a bit against the status quo.

My grandmother was Italian and she fell for a Dutch boy, my grandfather, who was a bit of a troublemaker. That was quite a racy match in those days.


My great-grandparents believed that the boys should be farmers and that the girls go to college. The women in the family were well-educated and the men, successful farmers.


I grew up working on the family farms. On Grandpa White’s farm, I pulled sprinkler lines, bucked hay, and tended cows.


At Grandpa Vander Houwen’s farm, I walked the drip-irrigation rows, grafted trees, and — of course — picked fruit.

I learned how to fish with Dad. I learned my respect for firearms from Dad and my uncles. My Dad was always involved in farming, but his main job was as a union plumber in Yakima. He retired from Hanford as a union pipefitter.


I took a slightly different path. I received my undergraduate degree from Western Washington University and my Masters from San Jose State. My first job was building a database for Contra Costa County's first performance-based assessment of psychological treatments.

My next job took me to Saudi Arabia as the Operation Manager for the world's largest telephony project: 4000 employees across 51 different nationalities. This was the launch of an international business career that involved the management of global technology and data-science initiatives. I’ve helped people solve tough problems around the world.

During my time in Asia I witnessed China’s phenomenal growth. Once a struggling, third-world country, China's government now has its sights set on manipulating the United States out of our essential roles as leaders and protectors of the free world.


It is more important than ever that the U.S. asserts itself on the global level to check China. We must continue to ensure that foreign markets remain open and competitive.



I was born and raised in Yakima. I’m back, running the family farm and my own Farm2Table restaurant. The restaurant and the farm allow me to stay connected with my community. My time away provided me with a global perspective that makes me appreciate what we have here, so much more.


This campaign has helped me connect with many other communities and understand what’s important to you. This is a large district and there’s so much to do.


Working together, I know that we can make our communities in 4th District better places to live. Where we're connected and more energy secure, and where ample water supplies support a balanced economy, comprising both a thriving agricultural sector and high-technology jobs.